Microsoft Office Professional Plus x64 download

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Microsoft Office Professional Plus x64 Microsoft Office Professional Plus x64 download


Microsoft Office Professional Plus x64

P2P Activator has Microsoft Office Professional Plus (x64) 2013

Microsoft Office 2013 (formerly 15 office) is a Microsoft Office version, a Microsoft Windows Windows product manager. This is a senior Microsoft Office 2010 and includes extensive support for file format, updated user interface and touch interface new 2013 style, which is suitable for systems with IA-32 and x64 and requires Windows 7, Windows Server2008 R2 or later The 2013 Office has been integrated with Windows RT running devices.

Applicationare shown in the image above and listed below for easy reading *


Fix up to 2013

Excel 2013

Word 2013

OneNote 2013

Outlook 2013

PowerPoint 2013

Publisher 2013

Lync 2013

Transfer Center 2013

Skydrive Pro 2013

Duration of InfoPath 2013

Comparing the database

Language Preferences 2013 2013

Record Manager Lync

Send to OneNote

Telemetry at the office

The spreadsheet of the spreadsheet 2013

Telemetry at the office 2013

InfoPath 2013 Filler



Name:Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013


English language

Drugs: Microsoft Toolkit Beta 5

Operating System Support: 7/8

Password: No.

File type: zip file

Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

Size: MB

“Computer and Software”

Gigahertz 1 (GHz) or fast

The x64 bit software with SSE2 instructions.

Memory (RAM)

2Gigabytes (GB) ofRAM (64-bit)

Disk area difficult

Gigabytes Available (GB)

who is outgoing

DirectX10 requires speed of hardware in devices

Sheetimage and resolution of 1024 576 or more


64-bit support is supported

in the following Windows operating systems:

Windows 7 (64-bit)

Windows 8 (64-bit)

Windows (64-bit)

Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)

Windows Server 2012 (64-bit)


Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10-11;

Mozilla Firefox later;

AppleSafari 5; at Google Chrome

NET Framework

, o


Open folder

1. Click “setup”.

2. Go through the installation process.

3. Stop, justopen the Microsoft Toolkit.

4. Click the left button of the Windows icon.

Go to Activate tab.

6. Select AutoKMS.

7. Press “Install” and then “Activate”.

8. He should take some time.

9. Your application now turns.

10. Enjoy!

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