Salt Lake City Interrotta: Design Submissions

by Paul Knight. Average Reading Time: about a minute.

Coinciding with CNU 21, Salt Lake City Interrotta was an ideas competition organized right here at The Great American Grid. The competition charged participants to design an entire 660’x660′ (10 acre) block. Twenty-eight submissions were received from both students and professionals. While most of the entries were developed in America, two of them came from Italy and one from Australia.

All of the entries are shown below, but they will also be displayed in situ at CNU 21 in Salt Lake City. Please join us on May 29 and June 1 for two follow-up workshops that will put these and other solutions to the test.

Kudos to those who took the time to participate! And thank you to the CNU 21 organizers, Historical Concepts, and the following for making this happen: Paul Knight, Chris Carrigan, and A. Rae Smith.

Click the blocks below to bring up the viewer. Click here to download the CNU 21 posters for even larger images (14mb).

Please leave any comments below and feel free to mention your favorite block.

List of Participants:

  1. Cary Conwell, Landscape Architecture Student
  2. Lee Sobel
  3. Bria Prioleau, Clemson University
  4. Baker/RBF Consulting
  5. Christopher Pizzi
  6. Enrico Ravagnani, University of Ferrara
  7. Greg Haws, GH Design
  8. Jeremy Atkinson
  9. Paul Knight, Historical Concepts
  10. Stacie Russell, Clemson University
  11. Chris Hardy, SWA Group
  12. Erin Chantry, Tindale-Oliver & Associates
  13. Michael Watkins Architect
  14. John G. Ellis, Mithun/Solomon
  15. Mohammad Momin, Mithun/Solomon
  16. Peter Richards, Deicke Richards
  17. Chris Janson, Opticos
  18. Dan Parolek, Opticos
  19. Catherine Johnson, Architect & Town Planner
  20. Jaime Correa, University of Miami
  21. Steven Fett, University of Miami
  22. Jeremy Fass
  23. Sarah Seigler, Clemson University
  24. A. Rae Smith
  25. Steve Mouzon


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5 comments on ‘Salt Lake City Interrotta: Design Submissions’

  1. Paul Knight says:

    My favorite block: Jaime Correa’s and Steven Fett’s entry “THIS BLOCK IS TOO LARGE; THIS BLOCK IS FINE.” Very clever!

  2. Paul M. says:

    I don’t see Steve Mouzon’s design he presented in the Agrarian Urbanism session at CNU — seemed like the only one who used the block for greenspace. Few others even considered the balance of significant greenspace with density.

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